Fighting back against Trumpism, globalism and dangerous ideologies (without making things worse)

The online world has been heating up for quite some time now. It seems we are becoming more and more polarised in belief and opinion, in the political, social and religious frameworks arenas. It is all too easy for discussion to turn to argument to turn to outright personal attack. We single out people like Donald Trump, Jordan Peterson and "social justice warriors" (for example) and call them all manner of names, simplifying their world views into simple and concise labels, which makes it easy to then castigate the entirety of who they are. Issues and ideologies are now often reduced to and identified by names of well-known people within public discourse. Anyone who subscribes to even just

Why are We Christian's so Quick to Judge?

You may have noticed that many christian people seem very quick to judge and condemn others. If you are not a traditional, church attending christian or not a believer at all, you probably notice it more than others... When reading the bible we find that christian people are to be known for their love for God and their love for one another. Not only fellow believers, but also those who do not believe or see things the same way. Unfortunately, we do not always see such actions. We see more backbiting, judging, condemning and anything but love. So much that many times those outside of Christianity see no reason to pursue it any further. Over the centuries God has often been misrepresented by m

Out of the Cave

The First Day Everyman stirred and woke. He stretched and uncurled from his fetal position, lay in silence for a while and noticed the brightness coming from outside. The light was a large sphere at the entrance to his shelter and he rose to his feet and walked along the cavern, stepping timorously into the glaring light. The sky had the brilliance of the bluest sapphire and below him a sea of tall green grass extended forever, or so it seemed to Everyman. Everyman looked around, he was at the entrance to a small cave half way up a small rocky hill. It was warm, which was just as well - all he had to wear was an old, thin and holey animal skin he had found inside the cave. Far in the dis

Book Review: Letters to a Young Contrarian by Christopher Hitchens

Christopher Hitchens (d. 2011) was a public intellectual known for his outspoken views on religion and politics and his often confrontational means of communication. His circle of influence included presidents, dissidents, revolutionaries, and academics alike, and he authored 30 books that continue to inspire and challenge people around the world. Letters to a Young Contrarian is primarily concerned with showing how to be a “contrarian,” that is, someone who intentionally and rigorously challenges the status quo. This is something that Hitchens himself made a career out of. Readers will enjoy seeing the contrarian methodology applied across the broad array of subjects this book addresses, in

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