Changing My Mind on Homosexuality

I grew up in the institutional church and was always of the persuasion that being gay was a sin. I still felt I was being loving and inclusive, since by saying I hated the sin but loved the sinner, I was being more open than other religious folks. Yet I was still saying that being gay was a sin. I never treated those who were gay in a bad way. I never treated any of my friends or relatives who were gay any differently than I treated anyone else. I saw them as normal everyday people...but with a great sin in their life. Turning points Things changed for me on this subject, and amazingly it was after leaving the institutional church. I started to see that God loves people, all people, just a

I See You Mumma

I see you Mumma. Laden with bags - groceries, parcels, school bags and the ever overflowing bag you carry filled with everything the kids might need, someday. I see the never ending thoughts, the planning: what's for lunch? What's for dinner? What time do we need to leave for school? Who's birthday party is this weekend? I see the juggle: how many days do I work? Who do I trust with my kids? What do they need from me? Do I care for myself or love them? I see you Mumma. The days are long but the years are short. Time seems to be passing too quick, and they are growing too fast. All I want for mother's day is to stop and adore you, hold you, love you. Make it stop, the spinning and never endin

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