Unity within Diversity: a Biblical presentation of Rainbow Theology

In Acts chapter 6, shortly after the founding of the church, a group of Grecian widows in Jerusalem were being overlooked by the Hebraic majority in the daily distribution of food. While the church sought to imitate Jesus by caring for these marginalized and often defenceless widows, they did not take in to account that some of these women were marginalized on more than one front. The Hebraic widows were Jewish women who had grown up in Israel and spoke Aramaic like the majority of the people in Jerusalem. They were ethnic insiders, cultural locals. The Grecian widows (or Hellenists) were Jews whose ancestors had been impacted by Greek culture through the influence of Alexander the Great and

Jesus is Not Lord

“Jesus is Lord!!!”... This is a common refrain in the Christian world. It usually refers to putting Jesus first in one’s life, serving God’s agenda for making more disciples and leading a holy life above all human desires. It can be used to mean a forsaking of oneself, picking up our crosses daily so that we might follow Jesus; a denial of everything immoral that may tempt us, of putting God’s holy way above our own sinful desires, that God’s glory may be known and his kingdom may grow. It is also generally misunderstood by many throughout Church history who have used their particular appropriations to justify “holy” and not-so-holy wars, excommunications, inquisitions and persecutions and g

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