A Better Way to Pray

You, You, You: Lessons in Prayer from a Zen Benedictine Monk David Steindl-Rast, summarized his relationship with the God, the Great Mystery, after 90 years of life as a Zen-practicing Benedictine monk: "I could not express my own lifelong relationship with the Divine Mystery any more fittingly than in the sentence "i am through you so i."* What makes us persons is the richness and depth of our relationships. One's being a person deepens and matures through each new encounter. In every deep human encounter, we can say: you make me be what I am. But in our encounter with the Great Mystery, we realize an even deeper truth: that we can say "I" only because we stand face to face with a primordi

Why We Left the Church to Embrace the Church

So often when I mention that my wife and I have left the organized church, people assume something happened to hurt us or make us mad. Just to be clear on this subject neither one of us have ever been abused or hurt by the church. Neither one of us are mad about some event or some person at church. I know there are people who have had bad experiences, which sometimes includes abuse and I think that is terrible. Fortunately for us that is not the case. Today we seem to hear much about sexual abuse and the Catholic Church although this can happen in any church system. We hear of people in power within the system taking advantage of their members for various reasons. Fortunately this is not the

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