Diversity is a State of Being

Noun: the state of being diverse. Diversity in its literal meaning as listed above, shows how at its core it is a way of being. This is an interesting thing to consider as most times I would have thought it may mean an attitude, or the naming of the way we accept others. But at its core, diversity is a state of being. Think about that – a state of being describes a condition, a lens through which you see everything, a filter through which you interpret everything, a way of being. So, what exactly does that look like? How do you “be” diverse? Tension I would propose that it’s a most simple, yet devastatingly hard concept – the willingness to hold tension. What else could at its core really ca

Seek and you will be found!

A young woman was looking furiously through the collection of DVD’s at the local library. She seemed agitated and distracted. “What are you looking for?”, an elderly man asked. “I have no idea!” she responded! “Then how will you know if you’ve found it?” She looked up from the long rack of DVD’s and said, “I was hoping it might find me!” He was speechless. As in life, many of us are seeking something; we don’t often know what it is but that doesn’t stop us. The parable of the lost sheep (found in the gospels) is much more a story about the “founded-ness” of the sheep that had no idea it was lost until it was first found. The great paradox in all of this is that we become the seekers un


God-Giving is the third instalment in a series of reflections on Zen Mind, Beginner's Mind by Zen teacher Shunryu Suzuki (here are parts 1 and 2). The book is a collection of informal talks given at the Tassajara Zen Mountain Center near San Francisco (the first Zen monastery established outside of Asia). What follows is a talk called “God-Giving” that is replicated in its entirety, followed by my own reflection integrating Buddhist and Christian thought. God-Giving By Shunryu Suzuki “‘To give is non-attachment,' that is; just not to attach to anything is to give.” “Every existence in nature, every existence in the human world, every cultural work that we create, is something which was given

Secular Spirituality

The Church as we know it in the west is dying. The exodus of millennials from the pews is now often (but not always) accompanied by a more secular worldview. But whether they have embraced an agnostic, atheistic, or “spiritual but not religious” perspective in life, we should not be alarmed. This exodus is exactly the type of reformation that the Church needs. What is the Kingdom of God? When Jesus taught on the Kingdom of God, it was not to present a doctrinal structure or list of beliefs that would qualify anyone to enter. For Jesus, entry was not even the main focus. Time and again, Christ stated that the Kingdom of God was already here, near and within. It was, and is, all around us and

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