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Russell Croft -
Russell Croft
Periecho Contributor
Russell has a heart for community and reaching out to the marginalised and forgotten. He is getting to know the God of infinite goodness and is living a joy-filled life with his wife Belinda and three children in South-East Queensland, Australia.



October - The Pilgrim's Paradox - To Bind or to Loose in the Kingdom of Heaven

August - Faith, Peace and COVID19

June - Untangling the Trinity

April - So You Used To Be A Christian

April - Stepping Into the Void of Uncertainty

March - Effing with the Ineffable: Why we shouldn't teach the Bible to our Children


November - The Prodigal Failure

October - Effing with the Ineffable - What the Bible is, and What It Isn't


September - Jesus has Left the Building

August - Your Repentance will not Save You


July - Why Christians Struggle with Grace and Acceptance

June - How Can We Stop the Destruction of Religious Freedom?

April - Jesus is not Lord


February - Secular Spirituality



December - Exploring a Mothering Metaphor for God this Christmas

November - The Power of an Invisible Servant

October - When the Bible gives us the Wrong Answers

September - Fighting back against Trumpism, Globalism and dangerous ideologies (without making things worse)

June  -  Effing with the Ineffable - Making Room for Debate

May  -  Jesus by Any Other Name

April  -  Cut off Your Nose to Spite Your Faith

March  -  Should the Church Embrace Universal Reconciliation?

February  -  Effing with the Ineffable - Biblical Inerrancy and the Limitation of Language


November  -  Heaven, Hell or Universalism - A Pilgrim's Dilemma

August  -  The Hypocrisy of Jesus

June  -  Loving Your Enemies As You Love Yourself


May  -  The Way, the Dude and the Life

April  -  What an Agnostic Jew's Biography of Muhammad Taught Me About Faith in Jesus Christ

January  -  The Pilgrim's Process - a Journey on the Narrow Road


December  -  In the Beginning - Was Christmas

November  -  Harry Potter and the Blood of the Lamb

October  -  Fasting and Feasting - A 40 day Journey into the Wilderness

September  -  Deceived by God's Word

September  -  Faithful Servants, Talents and Evil Masters

August  -  How Denominations Destroy Faith

July  -  The Question of Control, The Question of Existence

June  -  Snakes, Fruit and Nudity - a Literal Look at the Dangly Bits of Eden

June  -  Loving Donald Trump, my "Least of These"

May  -  Confessions of a Sex Addict


April  -  Eating from the Tree of Good Judgment


March  -  The Incompetent God


March  -  Losing my Religion


January  -  Devil Worship in the Church


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