Christ in All

When the Bible speaks of ALL, it is neither an option nor a grammatical error open for further interpretation or negotiation. It means everyone. Christ is not the registered trade name or exclusive franchise of Christianity, just as water is not the sole possession of some singular bottling company. Christ is not confined to one system of faith such as Christianity, just like the ocean is not confined to the Indian or Pacific basins. Just as the ocean has many tributaries yet remains the same source, so is the Christ. Christ is not offended if the wrong name is used or the source is named differently. Doing so could never negate the very source of life and love itself. Christ has never been

How Can We Stop the Destruction of Religious Freedom?

The push for religious freedom is rising. It is coming to a head in Australian politics and is being debated abroad in other western democracies. Support for LGBTQI+ affirmation and acceptance in society and in our churches has happened so quickly that it has taken many of us by surprise. Major problems have arisen, particularly around legislation, largely because we are still trying to get our heads around the changes and what they mean for us corporately and individually. Church, I know this shift in society has been a struggle for us to come to terms with. Questions are being asked of our institutions and our theology from inside and outside our walls. Our pastors and church boards have

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