Disarming Depression

Lately, I’ve been doing some good things for myself. And because I’ve been doing some good things for myself, I’ve been more at ease. And while I’m at ease, I also notice some heavy feelings. There's a sadness that is present alongside this potential for peace and joy. Now while I’m noticing this melancholy, I am not overcome by it. And in making room for sadness, I have greater capacity for joyfulness. I am like a Buddha, getting off on the aesthetic of silvery grass blowing in the wind like in anime films. Smiling wryly and knowingly at the suffering of humanity. Growing awareness There is a peace that comes from making room for my sadness. I’m a bit quieter inside, and because I’m quieter

The Prodigal Failure

There once was a man who had two sons. The younger of them said to his father, “Father, give me the share of the property that will one day belong to me.” The father did so and gave the younger son his blessing. “May you be fruitful in everything you do and enjoy the life you create for yourself.” The son travelled to a far-off city, embarking on a career in business and investing his money to create an empire all of his own. But then came economic downturn and crashed stocks. Left with some bad debts to the wrong people, the son was compelled to sell his assets and properties and was driven onto the streets, homeless in the city over which he had once lorded with impunity. The father had no

Christians, Atheists and LGBTQI+

I have been thinking about the way Christians, gays and atheists treat each other. Certainly talking about this can easily upset a lot of people. Obviously this does not apply to everyone but for the many in my world it seems to fit. I write from a Christian perspective and I have many Christian friends both gay and straight, along with non-Christian LGBTQI+ and atheist friends. I do not want to sound like I am taking sides or condemning anyone. But what bothers me is the way many Christian people seemingly have so much animosity toward, and disregard for, atheists and the LGBTQ community. When speaking to Christian people it seems that many have feelings towards "the homosexuals" and atheis

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