The Pilgrim’s Paradox – To Bind or to Loose in the Kingdom of Heaven

Barbara walked slowly down the brightly lit corridor. It was a pulsing, almost blinding aurora, originating from where exactly she could not tell. It seemed to wrap around her from all sides, enveloping her and yet, somehow emanating from within her at the same time. It was a most peculiar sensation in this most peculiar place. The light seemed to draw her forward from somewhere far ahead of her and at the same time compelled her from somewhere deep inside, like two magnets drawn to each other with an almost irresistible force. The pace of her movements increased, until her feet could no longer keep up and she began to float, swiftly yet peacefully. In the endless brightness that surrounded

The Other Side of the Fence

As a teen, one of the authors whose work I read most avidly was Frank Peretti. His novels were revered in churches during the 1990s because they drew attention to the supernatural battles which raged all around us in the unseen spiritual realm. One scene in "Piercing the Darkness" made a lasting impression on me, and it involved a character explaining to another why God placed limitations upon his people... it was about the need for a fence to keep us safe inside our yard. It was a metaphor I never forgot because it felt so comforting at the time - but I’ve been thinking about it a lot lately and considering what the fence means to me now. The main thing the fence has come to symbolise is al

What in the World is Going On?

We all can agree that the events going on in our world today are shocking. Those of us alive today have never known anything quite like this. A world-wide pandemic has not happened in over one hundred years and it has caught all of us unprepared. Just as in anything that is said or happens in our world, I find there is a wide array of opinions on the pandemic ranging from one extreme to the other. Most believe what our medical experts are saying and are trying to do what they recommend. Yet, spend any time on social media and you will see there are many who think this is a government conspiracy, a highly inflated and overdone death count, media hype or a complete hoax. Is this really God's

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