Disguised As Our Life

I’m not sure who said this (I wish it had been me!) but it’s worth repeating that God comes to each of us "disguised as our life!" This then raises so many questions about where we seek and search. Many people look for God in churches and seem confined to this same place for most of their lives. Imagine loosing your car keys in your house but then choosing to look for them outside because it had more light and the surroundings were much more appealing or pleasant. If we don’t find God on the inside we will have to resign, confine and be consigned to those places on the outside. Bob Garbett See all previous articles by Bob Garbett

Untangling the Trinity

Father, Son and Holy Ghost. The Triune God. The Godhead, Three-in-One. The Trinity. For millennia Christians have tried to wrap their heads around this doctrinal concept that is at the core of their religion. For millennia true understanding of the Trinity has lain just out of reach of our mental faculties. We have tried to explain the threeness of God and the oneness with examples such as the three physical phases of water or the leaves of a clover, but trying to simultaneously put the parts together is a concept that, at best, we still just have to take “on faith”. It seems to me that a large part of our problem with understanding the Trinity is our ingrained proclivity to view the “pers

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