The Ways of Grace

“Christ-consciousness” is the way! To be awakened, to be conscious means to align our consciousness with the Christ Consciousness. We all start somewhere, we all draw from one well or source. We all need a “holding pen” - a place that is safe, a place where you feel secure, a place from which you can find your way. There is only one source yet it feeds many wells. We all need a well, one well from where we can start. It doesn't seem to matter which tradition I've looked at (and I've looked at many), God always seems to be looking back. I realise now that God comes to each and every one of us in what ever form we most connect or identify with. This is the meaning of grace. Christ consciousnes

Faith, Peace and COVID19

How peaceful is life right now? There are a myriad of answers to that question, depending on how the Coronavirus lockdowns have affected people around the world. For some people it has been business as usual, but for many it has impacted their physical health, social health, financial health, and mental health. All of these things can affect the foundational spiritual wellbeing of people and communities, which can in turn reflect back positive or negative reverberations in these areas of our lives. Rejection of medical advice, protests against government sanctions, arguments on social media, and conspiracy theories abound right now. Unprecedented levels of social unrest have taken over as

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