Exploring a Mothering Metaphor for God this Christmas

When you think of God as father, what comes to mind? A loving figure? A distant one? Is he merciful? Does he have a righteous and justified wrath? Or is he something more sinister? The connotations that each of us infer from the notion are as varied as the experiences we have all had with our own fathers, and then some. It is a troubling concept for many, who cannot come to terms with a loving, even doting, Father God who is always with us. In many cases, the image has served to drive people away from Jesus, as they see God as distant (even as Christ is present with us); the father away on business who is coming home soon with a strap to punish us for misbehaving in his absence. Another imag

A Christmas Wish for Peace Within

If you close your eyes and consider a word that gets right under your skin, what do you think of? Is it the sound of the word, as it rolls off your tongue that leaves you ill at ease? My hubby often uses the word “discombobulated". The jumble of consonants and vowels thrown together in this strange word often jars me in my tracks. Another word… “Halitosis” always makes me giggle. I can’t help but blow my (sweet smelling) breath out when I over-exaggerate and pronounce the word (big breath out): HHHAAALLitosis” For me, my least favourite word is 'anxiety'. This 7 letter word certainly packs a nasty punch. It conjures up images of dread, nerves worry and troubles. Anxiety reminds me of an

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