New Year's Disillusion

Words from the wise man Jesus; “...consider the lily, see how it grows” (or why it grows!) Consider the New Year’s resolutions of the resolute, yet disillusioned lily; “this year I will be whiter, taller, and stronger this year I vow to become much more lily-like” (and the universe laughed). The wise man Jesus knew what was really needed was a revolution; not more tired, worn out resolutions that always focus on the wrong thing thereby setting up untold resistance to all our insistence. The lily allowed another source to do its growing, glowing, changing. In a sense; you could say that the lily became what it already was - and made sure it put up as few road blocks as possible. Your New

An Australia Day for all

I am an Australian - I became a citizen in 1998. Naturally, there are times when I disagree with the decisions made by our elected leaders. But on the whole this is a great place to live and bring up children. It is a strong democracy which changes its Prime minister whenever the seasons change! I am a dual citizen as well, being a New Zealander by birth. I love both countries for different reasons. There has been a societal paradigm shift in recent times. People have become aware of the discussion of the credibility of the Australia Day national holiday, and if indeed we should celebrate the day on that date or at all? Imagine you are in your garden, A space ship lands…You have a big garden

Violent Attack Witnessed in Melbourne - Life Can Change in an Instant

November 2018, I became a witness to a dramatic and violent event in Melbourne, Australia. Two people were injured and another two died. In hindsight, as I think about my feelings and my reaction to the violence, I have found my attitude to life has somewhat changed. This change was quite sudden, which has caused me to think on how paradigms can change in an instant and how that change can affect your thought processes and your self-awareness. I love Melbourne. It is usually safe. Naturally like all places it has crime, like all cities do, but I feel safe to walk its streets. Melbourne is a large city and until in recent years, Melbournians (and Australians) have felt safe. For a while, we h

Veal Crate or Church Building?

I recently listened to a YouTube video by Richard Jacobson and in it he mentioned veal crates. I had never heard of that before so I checked it out a little. It was interesting reading about veal crates and it got me to thinking about another type of box. What I found was that veal crates are a close-confinement system of raising veal calves. Veal crates are designed to limit movement of the animal because meat turns redder and tougher if the animals are allowed to exercise. In some veal crate systems, the calves are kept in the dark without bedding and fed nothing but milk. Veal crates seem to limit the calf from being able to move about and roam in much larger areas thus getting exercise

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