The Power of an Invisible Servant

A servant goes about his business, tending to the master’s house and affairs. He is quiet, almost invisible, owning the background which has become his work place. He prides himself in keeping out of his master’s way, serving the master in the most efficient manner possible in order to allow him to effectively live his best life. The servant works hard, cleaning the house, coordinating the other staff, answering doors and running errands for the master. He sees problems before they arise and ensures that they never eventuate. He is so deeply enmeshed in the master’s world that the servant knows what the master needs before he even realises it. When things do go wrong, the servant is always

The Hero with a Thousand Faces

The term “salvation” within a Biblical context is truly comprehensive and inclusive. It is cosmic in its reach and there is no human being that has ever lived that is now, nor has ever been, not included. All too often, salvation has been reduced down to its smallest possible meaning. And the smallest, even the least verifiable definition - a little like describing the ocean through the narrow confines of its smallest tributary. The reason for this heresy is that the only thing that ever feels the need to be saved is the 'un-saveable' ego. The true self cannot be saved because it was never lost to begin with. The gospel, when understood, equips and empowers each and every one of us to both r

Progressives and Evangelicals. Is it Really US vs THEM?

There are hundreds of various denominations within the Christian faith and thousands of various interpretations and doctrines based on the bible. It seems we hear much about two of these groups: Evangelicals and Progressives. They appear to be on opposite ends of the Christian belief spectrum. Should it really become an us versus them way of life? My reply to this comes from James 3:10 (NIV): "My brothers and sisters, it should not." I grew up as an Evangelical Christian and spent nearly fifty years living with that belief system. After many years of questioning my beliefs and what I was taught, I have become less evangelical and more progressive in my thinking. That certainly does not mea

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