From Probationary to "Poetic" Licence

Religious “beliefs” are important in that they serve an important function just like an instructional manual on how to fly is important. However, once you have learned how to fly, the instruction manual is no longer needed - because it has served its purpose. Imagine a pilot who spent his whole flying career just studying the manual, while at the same time critiquing and even criticising those who are flying above -because they are not following the manual. ​ Little realising that; once you know how to fly you no longer need to learn how to fly because you have now earned your “poetic” licence. It was Pablo Picasso who once said, "Learn the rules like a Pro, so you can break them like an Ar

Engaging with Controversial Topics in the Church

As I was reading over a few articles recently, I came across one that was about the eight most controversial topics in the church today. I read through the article and had to agree, these are eight things that can be very controversial. As we all know we can basically take verses from the bible to show why we believe the way we do in regard to each topic. Verses taken out of context can be made to say about anything whether it is right or wrong. I am not going to go into my views on these topics, but just for information here are the topics the article listed as most controversial: gay marriage; abortion; women in leadership; type of worship music; spiritual gifts; baptism; politics from

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