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Periecho: Greek (per-ee-eko) - "To surround closely; to encircle; to enclose; as, a ring encompasses the finger; an army encompasses a city."

peri (a preposition) - properly, all-around (on every side); encompassing, used of full (comprehensive) consideration where 'all the bases are covered' (inclusively).
echo (verb) - to have and to hold.
Francois Du Toit explains: "An example is in 2 Peter 2:6." "The word used as central is from periecho (peri), which in compounds retains substantially the same meaning of circuit (around), excess (beyond), or completeness (through), with echo, to hold, to resonate."

Periecho is the recognition of an all encompassing love that surrounds, encloses and covers all of creation. serves to connect with the journey of faith that everyone travels in their life. Faith is an evolving process of discovering more and more of a God whose love transcends understanding. It allows room for doubt, for questioning, as the grasp that we have on the divine is continually expanded and stretched, and we are challenged to love in increasingly complex circumstances by the God who loves us in all circumstances.

God is not, and cannot be limited to any one set of denominational or religious beliefs. Everyone’s journey and experience of faith is valid. Doubts and struggles are valid. Questions asked of current and ancient understandings are valid.

We hope you are encouraged through Periecho to explore your own faith, find encouragement in your doubts and questions and connect with the personal stories and thoughts of people just like you who are discovering more and more about the freedom found in God's love.

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