When the Bible Gives us the Wrong Answers

An Atheist and a Christian are debating the Bible “It’s God’s Word!” exclaims the Christian. “It can be trusted to be taken word-for-word as God’s divinely inspired message to all of his people, and all of creation!” “It’s all made up!” decries the Atheist. “It is nothing more than a story concocted by ordinary people, of an imaginary being that is designed to keep people deluded and subservient to the powers that be.” So who is right? Who is wrong? Can anyone honestly tell with certainty? How do Christians know that the Bible is God’s word to the people? Because it says so itself? And how do Atheists know that it isn’t? Because they’ve given up believing in something that has let them

Passive, Aggressive and the Third Way

The two most prevalent forms of communication are passivity and aggression. Aggression is not always scary and loud. It can be very polite, quiet and self controlled. That’s why it can be confusing. The thing to notice about aggressors is: they have pre-decided outcomes, they tell you what to do, ought to do, or shouldn’t have done, why you do what you do and what you thought and felt. An aggressor is one who steers toward a specific outcome, even if the outcome is good and seemingly healthy. They come to the table with their mind made up thinking they know what is best for themselves and the other. Aggression can be polite and kind and sweet, but it thinks it knows what is best for you. I

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