Healing Anger Through Meditation in Buddhism, Neuroscience, and Christianity

We often believe that it is things outside of us that make us angry, but anger is something that resides in each of us. Thich Nhat Hanh describes anger as a seed that is planted deep in our unconscious. When the seed is dormant, we are at peace. But when the seed is watered and grows, it manifests in our body and in our conscious mind. We have all experienced this; it is part of the human condition. Where does anger come from? But have you ever stopped to consider what anger is? When we take the time to examine ourselves in our anger, or to remember a time when we felt great anger, it is clear that anger is suffering, for anything that deprives us of peace and joy is suffering. Anger is al

The Distillery (The Place of Formation)

Be still, stilled; silent, silenced; stopped, seated, speech-less, move-less; dropped, dropping all; surrender, surrendered, giving up, in, over; give your attention, no matter how divided, how little or small, no matter its restlessness and discover the place of fermenting and formation, the place of Spirit. For twenty minutes a day make yourself a sitting target, a sitting duck. Long enough for something else to emerge, long enough for the dust to clear, be cleared to settle all those inner storms, to simmer then subside long enough for you to become a see-er. Long enough to see your real state of play. No longer mind-full-ness but mindfulness and mind-less-ness. Imagine sitting out the fr

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