Jesus has Left the Building

The battle between conservative and progressive Christians is heating up. Both sides claim Jesus in justifying their theology and their politics. Hypocrisy runs rife amongst believers who claim to uphold Christian values such as loving your enemy, but can’t demonstrate an attitude and embodiment of love or grace even to their Christian brothers and sisters, let alone a neighbour outside of the faith. We seem intent on creating walls of division, even amongst our brethren. The walls of our church buildings now serve to keep undesirable people out, rather than providing shelter and sanctuary to all. Too often these days, members are pushed out, excommunicated or asked to leave the fellowship f

Is the Preacher Really Necessary?

Growing up in the church system I was always taught that the Preacher was the authority on everything spiritual. After all, they had been called and had gone to college to be taught about God and the bible. I remember how impressed I was by preachers. If I had a question about the bible I just knew they had the answer. As I got a little older, I became infatuated with some of the big name evangelists. I would listen to them, send them money and if at all possible, go to their crusades. I can remember thinking if I could only be like them. They were super-spiritual and knew all about God and had the answers to all the spiritual questions. I thought that was the way to know God and be

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