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  • by Jim Gordon

Why are We Christian's so Quick to Judge?

Why are We Christian's so Quick to Judge? -

You may have noticed that many christian people seem very quick to judge and condemn others. If you are not a traditional, church attending christian or not a believer at all, you probably notice it more than others...

When reading the bible we find that christian people are to be known for their love for God and their love for one another. Not only fellow believers, but also those who do not believe or see things the same way.

Unfortunately, we do not always see such actions. We see more backbiting, judging, condemning and anything but love. So much that many times those outside of Christianity see no reason to pursue it any further. Over the centuries God has often been misrepresented by many of his followers.

The scriptures describe Jesus as the representation of God the Father. When we read about Jesus in the gospels we see that he treated people with love, healing and forgiveness - not by judgment and condemnation. He taught about the good Samaritan, the prodigal son and many other parables about God being loving and accepting.

Rather than listening to other people tell us what God is like, and what Christianity should be, we should be free to ask questions and seek answers with the guidance of the Holy Spirit and realize that God is a God of love.

Today we seem to spend more time worrying about which denomination to belong to, which bible version to read, what doctrine to follow and which political party is the one to support. Once we make a choice we will fight to the end to defend our point of view no matter who we hurt in the process.

We seem to be concerned with everything else rather than following the example of Jesus by loving God and loving others.

There are no reasons for us as Christians to be spiteful, condemning and judgmental when we should be loving, kind and accepting.

Loving others, respecting others and being accepting does not mean we always agree but we can show the love of God to everyone. No matter if we see things the same or not.

Jim Gordon -

Jim was raised in the methodist church and spent nearly sixty years in the organized church. He and his wife became dissatisfied with the way things were going and became very disillusioned the weekly service format. After several years of looking for answers and trying different churches, they left the religious system and have been living for God outside the walls of religion and traditional church. Jim believes that God loves all people and that everyone should be loved and accepted as is. Jim started writing a blog called Done with Religion where he talks about various topics of christian living in non-religious ways. Jim and his wife live in the Columbus, Ohio area of the USA. They enjoy their family, traveling and meeting people from all walks of life. See all previous articles by Jim Gordon

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