Inclusion within a Conditional Christianity

Why does the word inclusion make many of us Christian people cringe? We often want to include only our preferred group, those who think like us, and have faith like us. 'If you think differently, we feel you should stay in your own group and leave us alone.' Sorry to say I used to feel the same way, but thankfully: I have changed my mind. I am not necessarily just talking about organized religion or institutional church. I refer to accepting all people in our daily lives. We see so much of this within Christianity with such a wide variety of denominations and differing interpretations of the bible. We also see it from Christians not being accepting to those outside the faith. In these cases,

Hurting and Healing; an LGBT Acceptance Journey

Our words can wound others deeply. Sometimes they hurt us even more. Hurting Eight years ago I was emerging from religious beliefs that held me captive for 40 years. Fear of rejection and condemnation by God had my beliefs locked in black and white. If Bible-based Christianity decreed something wrong, there was no room for argument or question. It was my step-mother’s 90th birthday. Relatives came from far and wide to celebrate her big day. It was a great opportunity to catch up with extended family. Handshakes, hugs and kisses were exchanged; life’s latest headlines were shared; love, warmth and laughter flowed freely. I hadn’t seen my relative Tom since he was a child. Now a grown man, all

God is Non-Violent

A belief I've come to is that the Bible points to a God that is, and always has been, non-violent. To some this must sound like madness. I can hear the question already... "Um, have you never read the old testament?" Of course I have! I realize on the surface God is portrayed in some of the Sacred Text as a character more violent than the worst war criminals the world has ever seen. But I believe because of the modern teaching of biblical inerrancy, the plot of what God is really like in the biblical narrative has been lost. Literal rendering? You see I don't view the Bible as a flat text that depicts every word, from Genesis to Revelation, being a literal rendering of fact straight fr

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