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Seek and you will be found!

Seek and you will be found by

A young woman was looking furiously through the collection of DVD’s at the local library. She seemed agitated and distracted. “What are you looking for?”, an elderly man asked. “I have no idea!” she responded!

“Then how will you know if you’ve found it?” She looked up from the long rack of DVD’s and said, “I was hoping it might find me!” He was speechless. As in life, many of us are seeking something; we don’t often know what it is but that doesn’t stop us. The parable of the lost sheep (found in the gospels) is much more a story about the “founded-ness” of the sheep that had no idea it was lost until it was first found.

The great paradox in all of this is that we become the seekers until we discover our own "founded-ness". Then we realize we were never lost but simply needed an awareness of the source emanating from within and informing us from without that we were never lost - that we are the very thing we were seeking.

The great Persian mystic, Rumi, once said “What you seek is seeking you” In life we have the findings, the found and the un-founded. Which one are you?

Bob Garbett

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