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  • by Daniel Strelan

On Storytelling

On Storytelling -

Once, long ago, there was an enchanted green and blue planet. On that planet lived a keystone species – a race of people endowed with nobility and responsibility to tend to the terrestrial and aquatic gardens of this planet. The human race, as they were known, were akin to the gods. Blessed with the linguistic gift of story-telling, the humans created worlds through words.

This planet had six continents. We’re about to take a journey to the seventh continent.

The seventh continent

For there came a point in the history of planet earth, as we shall call it, that the Library had become swollen – overcrowded with book after book, many repeating the same, tired old stories, like a thesaurus, reaching for similes to describe the narrative oh-so-familiar.

These stories, often Greek classics, were tales of adversity, suffering, heroism, tragedy, oppression, jealousy, rage and domination. These stories shaped the civilisation in which the human race dwelt – they were in fact the metaphysical backdrop of the entire scene. Such were the themes that played out on a daily basis in relationships, family settings, business and even on the grand stage of world political melodrama.

Many fictitious dollars were made by the most creative writers. These critters would colour the news to the preferred palette of the most powerful dominators. But we’re not here to cast the finger of blame, for many a parent felt obliged to pass these bedtime stories on to their little ones. The show must go on!

That is until, of course, our metaphorical hero turns up, as they always do at this point in the story. Change is inevitable. Planet Earth was crying out for a rest, to hear the beat, melody and harmony of a new song, free from unnecessary pain. The writer of this new song was a true Bodhisattva by the name of Alex. We know not of Alex’ gender, for Alex did not really exist as a person. Alex was a focus of energy, pure and clean. Like a fresh breeze – the cool change at the end of a day of being brutalised by summer’s oppressive heat (thank God!).

Alex proposed that fire be set to the Library. The people were ensconced. They were enraged. Deep down, although nobody said it, the people were afraid. So attached were they to their melodramas, the humans had forgotten the truth of their godlike timbre. They had forgotten who they were. These stories defined what set them apart as a people. And we all know what set-apartness guarantees – the need to dominate and control – the illusion of privilege. But what is less known is that this all comes at a great cost – the loss of love and connection, to self and other selves (people) and to other life forms and the planet.

Alex struggled to sell the vision of enlightened civilisation to the media and the masses. So Alex sat down with a dedicated few. Those with ears to hear and eyes to see. For Alex knew that if a crack appeared in collective consciousness, it would effortlessly spread like that chip in your windscreen. Alex showed each one how to disconnect story from reality. “You have a story, yet you are NOT your story.”

One by one, as individual souls began to unplug from consensus reality, beings began to sharpen their focus.

By tuning ones focus to the song of the soul - disperse and dissonant at first - the fury and clamour of the illusion was dimmed and attenuated. Truth shone forth in radiant glory and pristine clarity. Fully liberated, the disciplined ones now relaxed into life, naturally and gracefully breathing love into the fibre of the matrix.

Holes started to appear everywhere. Stories lost their power and simply fell apart, dissolving as they fell to the floor.

A tower of Babel moment had incarnated on the blue and green planet. As beings turned away from centralised control and turned inward, they began to find their own unique soul languages, and {insistently} began to honour and express that language. At first, no other body understood. But as each individual began to open the song book and sing to the self, the other selves began to resonate in harmony. In learning to understand one’s own soul language, collective resonance was attained.

Relationships blossomed, free of neediness and control. Logistical errors such as abundance distribution were immediately recalibrated. The economy slipped into a natural geological rhythm as Mother Earth was honoured through creative collaboration. New art was created, telling the story of the perfection of Now. No longer were beings bound by nostalgia or futilia.

A 1960’s fade out is a favourite tool of many tale-tellers at this point in the story, leaving the reader to question, “Is that all that needed to be said or did he simply run out of creativity and not know how to make the cut?” That’s what we’re doing here. Needless to say, the completed work of the Ascended Being, our protagonist, the gender non-specific energy being, Alex, heralded a golden age on planet earth………

Daniel Strelan -

Daniel is a wanderer. Sometimes globally, always internally. His wandering has lead him to two questions - what are the obstacles to the flow of love and how can we transcend them? Daniel is a yoga teacher, a love healer and one who thinks too deeply. He is the one who puts the pen to the paper.

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