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The Secret Chambers

The Secret Chambers -

Your un-readiness and un-prepared-ness are never fixed nor fatal. This always ever-ready, ever-present reality called "God" has all the time in your world and all your worlds to come.

Grace needs always to be explored and explained, otherwise it is yet another nice word that promises so much, yet says so little. Our un-readiness needs the buffers of a thing called 'grace'.

If all our illusions, all our self-protecting buffers were to fall down in one fell swoop - the brilliance of our own nakedness would be far too much for us to bear, so we are protected by something so extraordinary that it can only be captured through the language of an ever-gracious act of an always gracious God.

So, it is as if God, forever hides himself in those deep silent chambers where neither angel nor evil go. Always ever-waiting like the unexpected host of your unexpected party ... and then you say, yes! The chamber doors swing open and this unexpected God flushes and flows into your ever-ready world.

Now, filled with all manner of expectations, you see it for the first time - this ever-present truth of an ever-gracious God…and you weep tears of joy, and such unexpected gratitude.

You see, God as it were, makes a pact within those hidden chambers. The doors closed tight forever and never are they given to speak the secrets that are always God’s alone. If those deepest chambers would and could speak, it might be this “Shhhh, don’t tell him 'I am' is here. This is always our forever secret, until he is ready.”

And then one glorious day your readiness and God’s collide and the rest is forever his-story.

Bob Garbett

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