Fragments of My Life

April 11, 2016


My life

Broken pieces
Fragments scattered everywhere
Attempts to put it back together fail
Like a jigsaw puzzle in a whirlwind
It can't be like before

Then he walks in from the east
On the periphery
Barely noticed
I see him
Radiant smile
All piercing eyes that know me … that see right through me
The hearty belly laugh of someone who doesn't have a care in the world

I'm held
He cares
I breathe

Ancient ruins
Scratching in the dust
Foundations are there
Everything else lost in the whirlwind
Is rebuilding possible?
Perhaps, but not like before
It just can't be

On his knees he digs with me
I see his scars
Momentarily I'm caught off guard
He laughs again
Realisation dawns
I know I'll be alright
He's making all things new



(Photo Credit top of page: Convict Ruins at Stanley, Tasmania by Mark Darling)



Mark Darling has a background in psychology and applied neuroscience. He is currently exploring the high country of grace and finding many delightful places of rest for the soul. Mark enjoys surfing, bush walking, making music, good food and laughter in the company of friends. He resides on Queensland's Sunshine Coast and has two grown children.


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