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  • A poem by Emily Messieh

The Glorious Mess

The Glorious Mess - by

Growing pains. In the dark mess, you know no light. Logic has no reasoning. Pain and turmoil are what you know. There is no rest from your own mind. It spins on and on - out of control. You no longer can outrun what you have desperately tried to escape. The Pit you have fallen into is your prison, and despite desperately clawing you cannot climb out these walls. This is your season to face the demons and to stare them down. To face what has happened and let the mess embrace you. We were made for more than mess. But we are not glorious without mess. So may you claim your mess as your own. May you wrestle with it and let it mould you and become yours. You cannot outrun it. You know that now. You are not defined by it, but it is your story. This journey is a balancing act: some days we balance surviving the day, some days we flourish. It is ok to be what you need to be today. Let them in. Let them hold you. You cannnot embrace mess alone. The journey is long but it begins in the darkness, the unmaking, the falling apart. May you fall apart and be rebuilt again to shine brighter and be lighter than you ever were before. Embrace the glorious mess that you are.

Emily is a renowned community connector, advocate for women, Asset Based Community Development advocate and leader in her local community, recognised for her work as the Local Woman of the Year in New South Wales in 2016. She has delivered training and workshops all around Australia, empowering communities to address gender based violence and discover the inherent dignity and worth in everyone. See all previous articles and poems by Emily Messieh

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