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The Ways of Grace

The Ways of Grace - by

“Christ-consciousness” is the way!

To be awakened, to be conscious means to align our consciousness with the Christ Consciousness. We all start somewhere, we all draw from one well or source. We all need a “holding pen” - a place that is safe, a place where you feel secure, a place from which you can find your way. There is only one source yet it feeds many wells. We all need a well, one well from where we can start.

It doesn't seem to matter which tradition I've looked at (and I've looked at many), God always seems to be looking back. I realise now that God comes to each and every one of us in what ever form we most connect or identify with. This is the meaning of grace.

Christ consciousness is not the single franchise of any one tradition! Like the ocean, its accessibility is open and its appeal universal!

I used to think of grace as only available through one authorised source. Now I see that God will bend, shape, fit and fill whatever draws our attention. God, it seems, is oblivious to the idea that "there is only one way", yet there is also an inherent recognition that there may be "one way" that's best suited to you and that this, in fact, could be agnosticism or even Atheism! The "way" of God is vast enough for all of us to find our way in it.

When the "God of other people's understanding" is no longer imposed or held up as absolute then it seems that all things truly are possible.

Bob Garbett

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