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  • A poem by Emily Messieh

HIM Through Her Eyes

HIM Through Her Eyes - by

The sun rose. I have a gift for you, a perfume I prepared. I know – it’s pointless, really. But I just want to give You something for all You are, or were to me. I came to see You. But You were gone. They had stolen You, even now. I laid were your body was, and I wailed, I wailed and wept. And then I felt a presence. The touch of peace. Warmth.

“Why do you weep?” THEY HAVE TAKEN MY LORD. My hero. My person. My protector. “He is not here. He has risen.” How? What? When? I can’t… This cannot be true. I cling to the hope. And then I see You, although You see me first, because that is how You are. You see me.

I run to You, jump into Your arms. It IS You! I cling to You. The world is made right through You. The path is paved. The way of purpose, of love, of freedom, of authenticity. Of becoming, of restoring, of rebuilding, of renaming. New life. Fresh hope. Freedom for us all. You overcame evil with good. You overcame. We overcome. We belong. We found home.

Emily is a renowned community connector, advocate for women, Asset Based Community Development advocate and leader in her local community, recognised for her work as the Local Woman of the Year in New South Wales in 2016. She has delivered training and workshops all around Australia, empowering communities to address gender based violence and discover the inherent dignity and worth in everyone.

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