In Praise of Wasting Time


For God's sake! Don’t just stand there! Do no-thing!

Your problem is mind-full-ness!

'Be Still' and (do) No-thing

The Oh! So! Important time-table, hectic agendas, stressful schedules, the never ending to-do-list and socializing imperatives.

This constant need to be busy, active, on the move, on the go, on the phone, on the net, mobile phones, tablets, laptops, Facebook, Twitter, texting, messaging, Instagraming, trash-talking - let's thrash-talking.

We are time poor because we choose to be impoverished. Each and every day ‘in praise of wasting time’ turn off, turn down, turn inwards and turn over a new (no-thing) leaf.

For fifteen to twenty minutes each day embrace silence, learn meditation, learn yoga or learn no-thing-ness.

You are not busyness, you are not noise, you are silence, you are the white board in which all this stuff is scribbled, you are the stage in which all this stuff storms on, stumbles off, disappears. And the cycle is forever recycled.

You are not this 'passing parade' but the stage; the audience of one.

Silence is what you are, who you are! Recognise it, resemble it, resolve it, but never resent it. Repent of it, honour it, honour yourself, because in your essence you are no-thing-ness. Why were we never told this?


Bob Garbett

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