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The Distillery (The Place of Formation)

The Distillery (The Place of Formation) - by

Be still, stilled; silent, silenced; stopped, seated, speech-less, move-less; dropped, dropping all; surrender, surrendered, giving up, in, over; give your attention, no matter how divided, how little or small, no matter its restlessness and discover the place of fermenting and formation, the place of Spirit.

For twenty minutes a day make yourself a sitting target, a sitting duck.

Long enough for something else to emerge, long enough for the dust to clear, be cleared to settle all those inner storms, to simmer then subside long enough for you to become a see-er. Long enough to see your real state of play.

No longer mind-full-ness but mindfulness and mind-less-ness.

Imagine sitting out the front of a fox hole. Sit long enough and out of its inner recesses, out of its shadowed entrance the face of the fox will slowly emerge. Your truest self, your essence, will make itself “seen” - not in a centre stage kind of way, not in a blowing its own horn kind of way; never one to announce its arrival as it waits oh so patiently in the shadows; never one to grandstand, demanding never to fight for your attention.

The greater tragedy by far is that we mistake ego for our essence. People will traverse the landscape of their lives wondering about this foxhole.

To find your truest self, this unmanufactured self, will require some sort of silence - some sort of (spiritual) practise where your truest self can feel beckoned, encouraged even cajoled to show itself.

To make this connection will change everything. Absolutely every thing. No longer living on the surface of your everyday every way life, skimming its exteriors.

The day, the hour, the moment you are introduced to your truest self is the day of your truest conversion your truest awakening.

Bob Garbett

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