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New Year's Disillusion

New Year's Disillusion -

Words from the wise man Jesus; “...consider the lily, see how it grows” (or why it grows!) Consider the New Year’s resolutions of the resolute, yet disillusioned lily; “this year I will be whiter, taller, and stronger this year I vow to become much more lily-like” (and the universe laughed). The wise man Jesus knew what was really needed was a revolution; not more tired, worn out resolutions that always focus on the wrong thing thereby setting up untold resistance to all our insistence.

Beautiful lily

The lily allowed another source to do its growing, glowing, changing. In a sense; you could say that the lily became what it already was - and made sure it put up as few road blocks as possible.

Your New Year's revolution (should you choose to accept it) is to find out what this source is and give it sway over your tired, worn out ways.

Bob Garbett -

Bob Garbett

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