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The Hero with a Thousand Faces

The term “salvation” within a Biblical context is truly comprehensive and inclusive. It is cosmic in its reach and there is no human being that has ever lived that is now, nor has ever been, not included.

All too often, salvation has been reduced down to its smallest possible meaning. And the smallest, even the least verifiable definition - a little like describing the ocean through the narrow confines of its smallest tributary.

The reason for this heresy is that the only thing that ever feels the need to be saved is the 'un-saveable' ego. The true self cannot be saved because it was never lost to begin with. The gospel, when understood, equips and empowers each and every one of us to both recover and discover that which always was and always will be, our truest self.

The (cosmic) Christ, if given permission, takes us on a guided tour of both self-recovery and discovery, and each and every one of us needs a guide who can navigate the unknown chambers, the unexplored regions and the inner confines of our most sacred spaces and places.

Finally, Christ is never pissed off when we use other names - as the universal Christ is just that: universal.

The "Hero with a Thousand Faces" will come to you through whatever form you most identify with. This is the meaning of grace - it is truly breathtaking.

Bob Garbett

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