Those Who Do and Those Who Do Not

Every now and then you find in life that there are moments which show the similarities between people, moments that have a clarity about them shining a light on things you may never have seen or noticed before. Others have a way of showing you the ways people are different. It’s one of these moments of difference that I am writing about today. Many of these moments may be small and insignificant – others quite momentous. My moment came and almost went without my realisation – but was highlighted by a conversation with a friend which helped really draw it out. How did I get this?? One day I was talking with my boss about the job I have and about how I got it. Normally, someone in my role wou

Neo-Nazism, Jeff Sessions, Nuclear Buttons and the Social Media Civil War

As I looked into the big brown eyes of my 5 year old, it suddenly dawned on me; the reality of the times of this world we have birthed him into. “Be kind, my son. And spread love. The world needs lots of love.” I whispered as he closed his eyes sleepily. The enormity of my words and meaning were lost on his innocence. His unbridled passion currently is: for who had what toy first, and who is first to the top of the stairs each night. This, for him, is a cause worth fighting for, even if it means the risky move of grabbing his sisters' leg and pulling her back down the stairs so he can claim victory... Strangely not dissimilar to the world we are in. This world doesn't give the impression of

Acceptance of Others

I get tired of so much arguing and disagreement among fellow christians. We certainly do not see a lot of unity and agreement within our community. We seem so divided and exclusive in the christian world today. Jesus said his followers were to be known for their love for one another. Yet today it is hard to find brothers and sisters in Christ being loving and kind to one another, let alone to those outside the faith. Fortunately, this is not the case in every situation, but it seems a lot more common than it should be. If you attend the same church building and accept the same doctrines, you will usually find love and acceptance. I remember when I was in the church system the first thing I w

Christianity and Buddhism

Buddhism, founded somewhere between 600 ad 400 CE by Siddhārtha Gautama, has intrigued Westerners ever since the Greeks first encountered Buddha's followers in the wake of Alexander the Great's conquest of Southeast Asia in 334 CE. Claiming 7% of the world's population, when Buddhism is categorized as a religion, it is the fourth largest in the world, behind only Christianity, Islam, and Hinduism, and its influence is felt in the growing popularity of apps like Calm, and in the mindfulness techniques used by psychologists and medical doctors to treat anxiety and stress. But some Christians are leery of what they perceive as Buddhism's subtle intrusion into the West. They see the practices

What Prayer Isn't

Something was doing the changing for me. I became an observer to this inward reality. The change was being “done unto me” and continues to be “done unto me”. The very last thing you need is: to be doing the changing where change is not needed. Just as the lily should never be in charge of its own growth or development program, we learn how to become ushers - and like the lily; learn how to go with this flow. Like good sentinels we should neither block nor resist, but simply observe. But how are we to do this? As we mostly only react to the unobserved tyranny of the monkey mind... By prayer! But not the sort of prayer you were taught at Church or Sunday School. Not, the 'words that come out

Effing with the Ineffable - Making Room for Debate

Ask someone about an artwork and their response will always tell you more about them than the piece in question. It is impossible to convey objectively, and indeed, its purpose is to elicit a subjective response that challenges the viewer to interpret, analyse and convey their own determination on the statement that is being made. So it is with God. The moment we speak of God, we speak of less than God. And so our conversations, our writings, our artful imaginings always take on a subjective approach, filtered by life experiences, circumstances and belief systems that we were raised with. God is bigger than we can imagine, infinitely more complex, intricate, loving, and satisfying than our

God is Like Jesus

God is like Jesus, who was The Word with God from the beginning, who created all things, who became flesh and walked among us. To say that Jesus is like God, is to base what God is like, on whatever picture of God that has ever been written by others - onto the divine. No, instead, the only accurate picture of God is Jesus. God would give up divinity to walk with sinners. God heals and dines with those who religion says is off limits. God comforts the doubters. God forgives his murderers. God rises from the dead and instead of retribution to those who abandoned him, brings a word of peace. We know God is like this because Jesus showed us. The scriptures say this about Jesus: In the beginn

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